Each Cured Meat Package includes 3 ounces each of our award-winning Culatello, Lonza, Coppa, and Pancetta along with a chub each of Spicy and Sweet Soppresata and a 7 oz container of our Monti Nibrodi “Better Than Butter™” Whipped Lardo Spread.

Our Cured Meat Package takes all of the guesswork out of serving a beautiful charcuterie board worthy of the finest Italian trattoria.  Combine this incredible selection of traditional artisanal Mangalitsa salumi with cornichons, cheese, and bread and you have the ingredients of a world-class dinner party.

The Cured Meat Package will easily feed 10+ people.

Cured Meat Package

Mangalitsa by Møsefund

2.6 lb


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