Each package contains 3 ounces of sliced Culatello.

First Prize Winner at the 2016 Charcuterie Masters Competition in NYC!

If there is a King of Salumi, it's definitely Culatello.  This world-famous traditional cut is made from the same large muscle mass in the rear leg of the pig as prosciutto, and it has a similar texture although it's dryer. The flavor is intense and robust, with a delightful creamy texture and beautiful coloring.

Our award-winning Mangalitsa Culatello is cured in sea salt and black pepper and aged for 8 months.  The centerpiece of any meat platter or charcuterie board, our Culatello marries the silky fat and bold flavors of heritage pork with the proud tradition of artisanal salumi making that both advances and preserves the art of meat curing.


Mangalitsa by Møsefund

0.19 lb


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